Strong competence on 5G wireless infrastructure from base-band to high layer software


Differentiations, customizations and innovations and with deployed design in operator networks

Commercial Ready

Completed end-to-end networking solution for quick time to market

5G Distributed Units and Acceleration Cards

5G distributed units in the form of acceleration cards or telecom equipment for large and middle scales of deployments.

Vicinity 5G DU Software is based on NXP LA12xx + NXP LX2160 processor platform. It supports 3GPP Rel. 16/17 eMBB dense deployment applications. Each acceleration card supports full 3 component carriers, 100MHz, 4T4R, FR1 configuration and could be configured for Massive MIMO applications.

5G Integrated Small Cells

Full feature of small form factor, low power base-stations enabling customised, flexible and low cost deployments of 5G networks.

Vicinity 5G ISC Software is based on NXP LA12xx L1 SoC platform. It supports 3GPP Rel. 16/17 standard and supports full sector 4T4R, 100MHz, FR1 configuration. Vicinity ISC enables dense deployment for the public network and could become a standalone small cell with full integration of UPF/core network for the private network applications.

5G mmWave Technologies

Advanced 5G mmWave base-station supporting wide range of mmWave frequency bands for different region deployments.

Vicinity 5G mmWave Software is based on NXP LA12xx SoC platform. It equips with accurate and high performance beam-forming technologies, supporting the 3GPP Rel. 16/17 standard and with wide range of supported mmWave frequency bands. Our software is also flexible to configure for ultra-large frequency band (e.g. 1GHz, 2T2R) and different network configurations such as standalone (SA), non-standalone (NSA) and NR dual connectivities (NR-DC).

O-RAN Infrastructure

Fully comply to O-RAN specifications based on general purpose processor platforms, such as NXP, ARM, FPGA and Intel silicons.

Vicinity 5G Macro, Micro, DU and O-DU Software are high flexibility, high scalability and high performance 5G software running on choices of general purpose processor platforms. It complies to the O-RAN specifications and completed the interoperability with different O-RAN compliance equipment. Our products have been deployed in the commercial operator networks.

Deployment Acceleration

Turn key 5G end-to-end solutions as an acceleration tool to secure your business in 5G deployments.

Vicinity has strong competence on 5G wireless infrastructure from the base-band technologies to high layer software. Our complete end-to-end networking solution, including 5G core network, 5G DUs, 5G ISC, 5G RU and 5G CPE, could quickly enable our customers to build and develop the 5G network products for different applications.

5G Enterprise Innovations

Differentiations, customisations and innovations and deployed in both operator and private networks

Vicinity has fully developed wireless software stacks from the low PHY to core-network which has full controls to perform design customisations on the wireless communications products. Vicinity 5G Software has common Application Specific Interfaces (APIs) for different network layers that enables our customers to develop niche networking products.